we already have started activities that helps to bring the Muslim community, especially the younger generation together and closer to our religion and Islamic values. One of the initiatives’ is Bendigo circle of light Sunday school (BCol).  Bendigo council was good enough to rent us a small community hall to conduct our activities.  during the Sunday school there are Quran classes and basic teachings of Islamic values.

we also have zoom Quran classes after school hours, during the week which adds to the value of Sunday school.

Advantages of Sunday Muslim School BCol:

  1. Convenient: Sunday schools offer a convenient way for students to learn about their religion and culture without interrupting their regular school schedule.
  2. Age-Appropriate Curriculum: BCol offers a curriculum that is tailored specifically to the age and developmental stage of the students.
  3. Community: Sunday schools provide students with the opportunity to connect with other Muslim children and form strong relationships with their peers.

Advantages of Zoom Quran Classes:

  1. Accessibility: With Zoom, students can participate in Quran classes from anywhere, making it easy for those who live far from a mosque or Islamic centre to still receive religious education.
  2. Flexibility: Zoom Quran classes offer a flexible schedule that accommodates different time zones and busy schedules.
  3. Interactivity: Zoom classes allow for two-way communication between students and teachers, enabling interactive learning and group discussions.
  4. Convenience: No need to commute or travel, reducing time and cost.
Bendigo Islamic Community Centre